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About LBA

About LBA

Lewiatan Business Angels (LBA) is the largest and most active Business Angels network in Poland. It was established in 2005 with the use of EU funds under the brand of Polish Confederation Lewiatan ( LBA matches entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas and ambitious development plans with private investors (so called Business Angels).

Its main goals are:

  • to promote the Business Angels investing in Poland,
  • to match private investors (Business Angels) with companies seeking growth funding,
  • to exchange experience and encourage best practice.

LBA assists in gaining capital for companies on an early stage of their development, including start-ups, which are not financed by banks (due to the lack of sureties) nor by venture capitals (too small scale of investments), and helps to identify the best source of Angel financing for each individual business. A good idea is a necessary but not sufficient condition to receive funding - the ability to execute, experience, commitment (also financial), and a properly written business plan are of key importance. Many entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of having the idea properly thought through and presented in a spread- sheet and on paper.

 Examples of companies that received financing due to LBA are:

  • W Biegu Café a network of coffee bars
  • ANT ISS an IT company that develops controlling and measuring applications for industrial installations;
  • Ozumi Films a production company that specializes in delivering production solutions for film teams from all over the world;
  • LEGIC Luxury Goods Import Company Ltd. imports and distributes the luxury products and is an exclusive agent of the following brands: Montblanc, Longchamp, Raymond Weil and ST Dupont;
  • Likwidator Pomoc Ubezpieczeniowa an insurance assistance company;
  • Medicalalgorithmics a worldwide developer of innovative solutions and systems for signal and data processing in medical applications;
  • a publishing house that specializes in business and personal development publications;
  • GoldenEgg a financial consulting company;
  • Apeiron Synthesis offers very efficient catalysts for the production of high-value specialized chemical products (pharmaceutical, cosmetics, advanced polymers, etc).
  • Synthex (synthesis of specialty chemicals)
  • Estom (rescue sets' production)
  • Air Ventures (joint ownership of aeroplanes)
  • Ekobilet
  • Homeplex (application for designing and renovating interiors)

Business Angels market is growing in Europe and starts to play an important role for SMEs as an external source of finance. In December 2008, the Polish Confederation Lewiatan received over PLN 14 million in European Union funds to stimulate Poland's Business Angels market. From November 2005 LBA is also present in the European market as an active member of European Business Angels Network (EBAN).

For more information contact:
Lewiatan Business Angels
3, Zbyszka Cybulskiego Street
00-727 Warsaw,
phone (48 22) 55 99 968,
fax (48 22) 55 99 930



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